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A beginner's guide to buying coffee

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Do you ever feel like buying a bag of beans from a new roaster feels like taking a gamble?

Continue reading if you want to find out how to select beans that won’t disappoint but still retain the fun of tasting a new coffee!

3 rules for buying a great bag of coffee bean

Buy Fresh!

If there is anything to remember, it’s to buy fresh beans! Overtime, beans oxidise and lose their aroma, leaving them stale and unpleasant.

On average, beans are best enjoyed between 1 to 4 weeks after roast. But why not right off the roast? In the first few days after roast, the build-up of CO2 can significantly affect brewing, making it much harder to get a tasty cup. The coffee has to rest and degas before it becomes easy to brew.

Tip: look out for the Roasted on label. For those of you who can’t wait to try their new beans right after purchase, the optimal roast date is 1 week prior.

So next time when you pick your bag, make sure you pay attention to the roast day so you optimise for the peak flavours roasters have promised.

Coffee freshness and peak of the flavour
Coffee freshness

Wholebeans only

Buying wholebeans is the easiest way to make your beans last longer. Ground beans mean there is a lot more surface area to oxidise.

Tip: Invest in a burr grinder so you can grind right before brew. ****For those just starting out, a hand grinder is a great choice, saving you both money and space.

Grinding beans can be a therapeutic part of brewing coffee. Don’t you love the first aromatic whiff of post-grind beans?

Seasonal beans mean fresher beans

Buy from roasters where they change offerings fairly regularly.

Different coffee beans are harvested at different times across the world. These raw green beans are then sold to roasters who typically buy them at a few weeks to 6-8 months post harvest.

If beans are offered seasonally that means the roasters care about delivering raw beans that are fresh, and are ultimately dedicated to increasing your chance of enjoying the best possible experience.


  • Buy freshly roasted beans roasted 1 week prior to purchase

  • Buy wholebeans instead of ground beans

  • Buy from roasters where they change their offerings fairly regularly

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